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2013-10-20 10:26 pm

Virginia Pullar Elleood

I am writing in hopes on getting some information my ggg-grandfather William Pullar born perth Scotland 1801. I found him along with his brother Robert on the Hemmingford volunteer paylist for November 1838.His brother-in laws John, Robert, and Daniel Cowens were also on this list . My gg-grandfather John R. Pullar was born July 22,1840 is there any way of getting a birth record.
Thank you
Virginia Pullar Ellwood


2013-08-05 07:29 pm

Derick balnave

I am writing from Australia to request some information on my g'g'uncle John Craig who, according to your cemetery details, was buried in the Hemingford Unknown Cemetery in 1867. Would you be able to supply any details from the cemetery records concerning this John Craig and also Eliza Craig who was buried in this cemetery in 1861?


2012-10-30 09:11 am

Lynne Lytle Geane

I am very interested in purchasing a copy of the booked "Hemmingford: Two Hundred Years of Hope and Challenge". My great-great grandfather, and many other relatives are buried in the Protestant cemetery. My daughter and I are carrying on the investigation of the Family Tree of the Lytle family.
Lynne Geane
P.O. Box 1242
East Otis, MA 01029


2012-08-14 06:32 pm

constance mccool nee Barkes

trying to find some info. on my grandparents leonard r. barkes and rose barkes nee bennett, both buried in the hemmingford protestant cemetery. their son (my uncle)reginald still living 97yrs. old, in california. we both have pictures etc. from hemmingford.


2012-04-01 11:24 pm

Phillip M. O'Shea

I am very interested in finding information you may have in your keeping on my Claudius F. Cheney Family who lived in Hemmingford from the early 1800's into the 1880's. I would also like to purchase a copy of the book "Hemmingford: Two Hundred Years of Hope and Challenge 1799-1999" I see from the index there is an entry on my family in that book. I would also like to find any information I could on Decature Cheney who I believe may have been their youngest son. Thank you very much
Mike O'Shea
9101 Mace Arch
Norfolk, VA 23503


2012-03-09 09:58 am

Peter Julian

I am very interested in purchasing a copy of the book "Hemmingford: Two Hundred Years of Hope and Challenge 1799-1999." I live in New York, New York, USA, and have written to the Hemmingford Historical Archives a couple times over the last two weeks, but have not heard back with information about the cost of shipping. (I understand the book itself costs ) Could you please let me know how I may purchase a copy of the book. Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Peter Julian
10 West 15th Street PHE
New York, NY 10011
Your book should be on its way to you now.


2012-02-10 09:50 am

Dan Mark (moderator)


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